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The Landscape systems management tool helps you monitor, manage and update your entire Ubuntu infrastructure from a single interface. Part of Canonical’s Ubuntu Advantage support service, Landscape brings you intuitive systems management tools combined with world-class support.
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Why use Landscape for your business?

Benefits for system administrators

  • Solves the hardest management problems, including building and maintaining software repositories, managing different machine profiles, delegating permissions at a granular level, auditing others actions and accessing asset information in real time.
  • Integration with common client-side Linux sysadmin tooling so you can see the same information about individual machines as you see in the terminal.
  • A complete API lets you use established technologies (e.g. Bash, Python) to borrow or build on Landscape's functionality.
  • Custom scripts need only be written to allow for the business logic unique to your organisation; common tasks (e.g. repository management) are already covered, so there's no need to re-invent the wheel.
  • You can manage machines remotely from anywhere you can access a web browser.
  • Receive alerts when updates become available for specific machines, or manage auto-update policies, instructing devices to update during set maintenance windows.
  • RBAC features for delegating certain activities on specific machines to others - reducing your workload without sacrificing control.

Benefits for IT managers

  • Automation for repetitive tasks at scale helps ensure uniformity across your IT estate and eliminates the costs associated with rectifying human errors.
  • By reducing the number of administrators required for basic, day-to-day management, your teams are free to focus on more productive activities that deliver value to your organisation.
  • Custom reporting makes regulatory compliance significantly less problematic, costly and time-consuming.
  • Unlike in-house systems that may have grown organically, Landscape scales with your environment, enabling you to manage up to 40,000 machines with a single instance.
  • Thanks to an extensive, scriptable API, Landscape can be easily integrated with your current configuration management, monitoring and ticketing systems.
  • Updates and future versions are delivered at no cost, because Landscape is part of the Ubuntu Advantage service subscription.
  • Landscape can be used to manage desktop, server and cloud deployments, or subsets of those deployments that you define when you subscribe to Ubuntu Advantage.

What can I do with Landscape?

A powerful, scriptable API

All administrators want customised systems management solutions that reflect the exact requirements of their organisation. Landscape delivers
this with a central console you can use to automate tasks, whether
they're managed directly or through the API.

By scripting to Landscape's API, you can use Bash or Python to create
custom workflows (with full tab-expansion hinting support in the shell
client) that deliver the best of both worlds: they are highly-customised
, yet built on the components delivered, QA-tested and maintained by Canonical's engineers - not you or your overworked colleagues.

API access to Landscape's functionality makes it easy to use Landscape alongside the management and monitoring tools you already use -
whether they're scripts you've developed in-house, or established open-source products like Nagios or Puppet. For example, via the API, Landscape can easily be integrated with desktop support systems to automatically generate trouble tickets.

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The low-risk, low-cost approach

A supported solution

Over-reliance on in-house tools can pose a risk, because if the person who developed them retires or changes jobs, critical operations and knowledge can be lost. With Landscape, you get a supported solution with the backing of one of the biggest names in Linux: Canonical. Intimate knowledge of the application is therefore always accessible.

Always up to date

In-house tools can prove costly to maintain, especially if your infrastructure is forced to respond to change. Even simple software upgrades can necessitate significant revisions. With Landscape, client support is constantly updated to accommodate the latest version of Ubuntu, so you can rely on your tools to keep pace with your update cycle, while maintaining compatibility with all current Ubuntu releases.

Shared development costs

Development costs are shared when you choose third party tools like Landscape - and this shared cost translates to more realistic budgets for QA testing. Combined with larger user-base common to non-bespoke tools, this means Landscape is likely to be more flexible, reliable and bug-free than any bespoke solution.

No more re-inventing the wheel

Thanks to its scriptable API, Landscape lets you benefit from built-in functionality covering a wide range of administration tasks while enabling you to add any bespoke logic you need. In other words, you can direct your investment towards the areas that need it, without re-inventing the wheel implementing common functionality.

How can I get Landscape?

You can buy Landscape as part of Canonical's Ubuntu Advantage support service. Offering efficient systems administration, fast problem resolution and access to the Ubuntu experts as and when you need it, Ubuntu Advantage is helping businesses worldwide to optimise resources with Ubuntu.
Ubuntu Advantage: What’s included?


Canonical's Support and Technical Services (STS) team provides around-the-clock coverage for Ubuntu deployments all over the world. Our phone support means you can speak directly to someone who has first-hand experience of how to resolve your issue. And our online portal lets you track the progress of submitted cases in real time.


Manage multiple Ubuntu installations cost-effectively. Automate updates and manage physical, virtual and cloud-based systems from a single interface. Ensure compliance across your IT estate. Landscape is easy to set up and requires no custom hardware or specialised skills to operate.


Ubuntu Advantage customers have exclusive access to the Canonical Knowledge Base. This database provides you with a library of technical articles that can help you solve common issues, fast. The Knowledge Base includes best-practice help on security, migration and networking.


Find peace of mind with legal cover for IP infringement claims. Our Assurance programme covers your business for any claims of IP infringements arising from your use of Ubuntu. Should an IP claim be made against you, Canonical will assume the legal defence and cover the legal costs that are incurred.

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